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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 9, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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♪ feel you are pulled from the ♪ wreckage of your silent reverie you are in the arms ♪ ♪ of an angel may you7.0s with
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and a lot of folks not knowing that when you feel the earthquake, you not sure if it is 7.0 or 8.0, and the folks in and around the plant are taking the precautions and and looking pretty good here along the coast. >> ivan, thank you for staying on top of that for us.
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and we saw video coming in from nhk there in japan. and we want to go to dale grant who is from usgs from golden, california, tonight. listen, sir, as we look at this video, and you see the shaking there, and you heard our ivan cabrera saying that this is an aftershock from the march 11th quake. this is a big hit even though. >> yes. this actually is one -- well, it is the largest aftershock since the 9.0, and there were a few 7.0s at that time, but since that time, this is the biggest quake that has occurred in the aftershock zone. it has been felt all of the way north in aomori to south of tokyo and it is widely felt. >> so, listen, you are in golden, colorado, tonight, and as we watch the possibility of a tsunami, there was a warning there, and we saw what happened when on march 11th, when there
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was an earthquake and all of the sudden, this wall of water slams into the coast of japan and took out so much, so many cities there. when might we know if or the possibility of something happening from this not that severe, but when might we know something? >> actually, since tsunamis travel at 450 miles an hour, if one would have occurred, it would have already been known by now. >> okay. so, as we look at this though, and all of the buildings there that are really still damaged and all of the infrastructure, what kind of problem does this pose for the people of japan? >> well, it is just a continuing of the aftershocks of that devastating 9.0. and unfortunately, these kinds of aftershocks are likely to occur for quite some time. it is just the nature of earthquakes that when you have a shallow devastating 9.0, you have aftershocks for some times
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up over a year, and is samatra, they did last for over a year. >> and so, nhk is reporting th they have experienced an earthquake, and we know from march 11th, nerves are on edge there from the earthquake after the tsunami, and the devastation to the fukushima power plant
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disaster. also, breaking news tonight out of washington. the debt talks in washington to be specific. it now appears that plans to ambitiously attack the deficit have faltered which is not to say they won't keep trying, but already expectations are being lowered and we got the breaking news a short time ago so we will go to the congressional correspondent kate bolduan who is joining us. kate, we are looking at the live pictures of the capitol and the white house and both sides tonight sending out the statements, the president and the house speaker and they couldn't appear to be further apart. >> well, the speaker on friday, don, he made it pretty clear that there were still big differences they needed to overcome to reach a deal, but we know that they were kind of, there were conversations that both sides were going for this grand deal so to speak in the area of $4 trillion in deficit savings over the next decade,
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but house speaker john boehner made it clear in the statement releasing this evening, he is not going for the deal, and so he is now saying that something in more in the area of what was being agreed to or in the biden group talks that fell apart earlier, and something in the area of $2 trillion in deficit savings over the next decade is something they need to now be focusing on. well, what this really is, is a recognition of what we have been hearing on the hill, don. i will tell you that $1 trillion of new revenues discussed in the grand deal was a very tall order. big problems within the republican party, especially in the house of this idea over any tax increases, and at the same time big problems among the democrats of any inclusion of any kind of change or cutting benefits to medicare and social security. so, this just shows that we are told by the republican aide, my colleague deirdre walsh, that the speaker and the president
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spoke by phone today and it seems that the conversations going on at the staff level for the last couple of days have crystallized the fact that they need votes in order to pass this, and right now the grand deal is probably a little too ambitious, and now they are going for the big deal this $2 trillion if they can pull it off, don, but that is where they are focussing the efforts. one other thing to note -- >> i want to read this statement from the president tonight. the president believes that solving the fiscal problems is an economic imperative but in order to do that we cannot ask the middle-class and the seniors to bear the cost of the cuts, and we need a balanced approach to ask the wealthiest and the special interests to pay their share as well and we believe that the american people agree. he goes on to say that both parties have made progress and to back off now would fail to solve the fiscal challenge and confirm the cynicism that people have about politics in
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washington right now and the president believes that now it is the time to rise about that cynicism and show we can do big thing, and so tomorrow, the president will make the case to the congressional leaders to reject the politics of least resistance, and take on this critical challenge. the president will be addressing them rm -- tomorrow, kate, because the treasury department has warned that failure to work this out by august 2nd could lead to a possible default which could push interest rates to skyrocket and cause the dollar to plummet. so this is critical at this juncture and the president hoping that the other side will agree with him, but if you listen to john boehner and what the house speaker is saying, he does not believe that is going to happen? >> well, there is still recognition on the part of pretty much everyone involved in the talks. the congressional leaders that are involved in the talks and the president and the vice president, and this is still,
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you know, this is pivotal and critical and even in the statements released following john boehner's statement still recognition that they need to work towards a dealing, b deal, president is calling for a balanced approach, and the question is where is the balance? they are far apart on key fundamental differences of the democrats, and they want to protect the benefits of medicare and social security, and not wanting changes there, and republicans having a very hard time coming to be able to agree with anything that would increase taxes, and so that is where this big divide has been from the beginning, and it seems that it is just now becoming more and more apparent as they are trying to get down to the details and really strike a deal. we are really coming up on that deadline quickly. >> all right. kate bolduan, a roadblock in the debt talks and not a good sign with the deadline pending. we appreciate it.
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our two breaking news stories to night. that is the lead story tonight, what is happening in japan, a big earthquake there, and also a faltering in the talks of increasing the debt ceiling. we will continue to follow those two breaking news stories for you. in the meantime, a tragic reminder for baseball fans to be careful. >> we ask that each of you join the oakland athletics, and the texas rangers and all of major league baseball as we observe a silent moment of reflection and respect -- >> a fan falls to his death after catching a ball for his son. next a son of shannon stone talks about the victim who was a husband, father, and firefighter. and also, the world's newest country is born. ending decades of brutal civil war and killing more than 2 million people, and what is next for south sudan? if you want to send us information or get information on the stories we are following, check us out on social media,
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in arlington, texas, a father and son out for a night at the ballpark, then tragedy struck. >> well, this is it. that's why there was time taken. wow. >> 39-year-old shannon stone reached for a ball only to fall head-first over the railing dropping 20 feet to his death. his 6-year-old son right next to him seeing the whole thing happen. a man next to stone, ronnie
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hargas tried to pull him back, but he slipped away. >> your first instinct is reach out and grab him. i tried to grab him. i couldn't catch him. he went down. as he went by me, i tried to grab him again and i missed. it looked like in slow motion as he was going to the ground. i mean, there's nothing i could do except watch him fall. >> the player who tossed the ball josh hamilton beside himself now. >> it's definitely on my mind and in my heart. you know, like i said, you know, i can't stop praying enough for him and you know, my family is. and you know, i just can't imagine. >> the rangers organization took a moment of silence the day afterwards. >> we ask that each of you join the oakland athletics, the texas rangers, and all of major league baseball as we observe a silent moment of reflection and respect for brownwood, texas, firefighter shannon stone.
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>> this isn't the first time a fan has fallen at the rangers ballpark. another man fell from the second deck a little more than a year ago. he dropped 30 feet and fractured his skull, but incredibly, he lived. joining me now on the phone is bobby roundtree, a city manager of brownwood, texas, where shannon stone worked as a firefighter. bobby, my condolences to you and i'm sure everyone there is horrified by this. how do you remember shannon stone? >> we're also very horrified. it's a tragic accident, and our concern is, of course, for the family, the wife and the young son. but shannon was an outstanding firefighter. he was an outstanding person, but he was even more than that, he was a good dad. he was probably a better dad than he was a firefighter. you never saw him off duty without you the little cooper
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with him. then on his days off when the staff meetings were held, cooper would be sitting in the staff meetings with his dad. he had him everywhere. he would bring him by city hall. he's been in my office. i have some miniature cars in my office and he would play with the little cars. shannon was just a regular guy. he was a very respected amongst the firefighters and the community. he's an 18 1/2 year veteran of the brownwood fire and rescue services. we're going to miss him. his firefighter brothers are going to miss him tremendously and it was very difficult on them the night of the incident when he was very difficult.
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when you live, eat, work, sleep, play with someone, you become pretty close. there's some of those guys he's been around for 18 1/2 years. so it's a very difficult situation for us right now. >> can you tell me how shannon's family is doing, specifically 6-year-old cooper having to watch all of this? i would hope and i'm sure they are receiving tremendous support. >> they're receiving tremendous support. i have not visited with the wife yet. i've been in conversations with one of her best friends is with her. i've been with her since the incident. i think she's like any of us, she's having ups and downs. little cooper, he's playing and i honestly don't know if it's really hit him exactly what's happened yet. but those two are our main concern. you know, we're all saddened. we'll get by. those are the two that need all of our prayers and our continuous prayers. it's going to be very difficult on those two, especially in the days to come. >> yes, and also with the loss of income and just having to deal with it. can you please tell our viewers about money being raised and funds for the stone family and how they can help if they'd like to. >> yes, sir.
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there's a couple of ways. you can go to and click on a link there for shannon stone. click on that link and you can provide any type of a contribution that goes directly to the bank. i understand, too, that the ranger organization has set up a similar account that you can click on their organization and go and provide some funding. we sent ours up about 3:00 yesterday, just got started and you know, there was already over $8,000 in it by 6:00 last night in just three hours. there's a gentleman who came by who he said i want to have a barbecue. i want to sell these barbecue wraps. he raised $9,000 in four hours right here in texas. >> we are glad that people are responding and, of course, our thoughts and prayers are with shannon stone's family tonight.
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bobby roundtree is the city manager for brownwood, texas. good luck and god speed. let's move on talk about casey anthony who was acquitted from murdering her little girl. she will be freed from jail a week from tomorrow. straight ahead, a live report from orlando with jane velez-mitchell who was there when the verdict came down. giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. control your budget? yes. our "name your price" tool shows you a range of options. you pick a price that works for you. perfect. only one thing could make this better.
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>> caylee, caylee, caylee, caylee. caylee. caylee. justice for caylee. >> well, they're protesters outside. that's the scene outside the orlando courtroom where casey anthony was found not guilty of
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murdering her 2-year-old daughter caylee. many people were outraged convinced that the jury had reached the wrong decision. you know what? that is not the worst of the protesting. casey anthony will be set free a week from tomorrow, and what happens then is anyone's guess. someone who has followed this from the beginning is jane velez-mitchell who is of course the host of "issues with jane velez-mitchell" and she was in orlando when the shocking verdict came down. and jane, that was mild to the outrage you witnessed. i saw you there speaking to those folks. >> i was there outside the courthouse and people were furious. this is the angriest i have seen a group of people since o.j. simpson about a verdict. i think part of it was the shock. they were expecting some serious conviction. if not first-degree murder then maybe second degree murder. if not second degree murder, maybe manslaughter, maybe aggravated child abuse at least. nothing.
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and so they were very, very shocked and i think that the prosecution made a mistake by emphasizing casey anthony's lies which they really drilled home on because what did the jury convict her of? lying. four counts of lying. that's it. >> that's it. so jane, listen, i haven't seen shock like this since o. j. simpson. let me get this in, jane. i've heard a lot of comparisons to o.j. simpson. i think that this was huge, and this was big, but this didn't go on nearly as long as o.j. simpson and didn't have the celebrity, and didn't have the race, it didn't have the class, and all of those things. jurors going to the scene and looking at the evidence and the crime scene and shows being created around it. this is outrageous, but can you compare the two except for the shock of the verdict? >> well, this was the trial of this new century, and it was the first social media trial where
10:26 pm
we were all watching it together. we were all tweeting, you and me and everybody else, and communicating and discussing everything in realtime as it happened. and i think that the big shocker here was jose baez's opening statement which offered an alternative theory of accidental drowning and essentially pulled the rug out from under the prosecution because remember, in their opening statement, they're like where is caylee? day 24, day 25, where is caylee. well, he acknowledged caylee was dead. so it kind of offered an explanation for her going out because she knew her child was already dead. >> hey, jane, let me jump in here. i want to move this forward because this is serious stuff. we saw casey anthony come in when the verdict was read, after the verdict was read and they were going to sentence her, she was all dolled up so to speak, her hair fixed, makeup on, she was smiling till the judge said i'm going to put new jail for a year and then that worked out to be something different.
10:27 pm
there's serious concerns about her safety because people are so mad. some folks may be out to get her and her family's already had death threats. >> absolutely. her family has received death threats. i can tell you that orange county officials are absolutely determined that she will leave their control unharmed. and i do have sources telling me that she is going to leave through a backdoor on sunday, july 17th. there are going to be numerous suvs with dark tinted windows. you will not know which vehicle she's in. and if they see media or anybody else following them, they're going to veer off in different directions so you will not know. >> this is like the witness protection program. >> yeah, and now that i've said this they may alter their plans. that's what i'm hearing at this point. it makes sense. they want to make sure that nothing happens to her. and the irony of this is rich, which is a phrase used a lot
10:28 pm
during the trial because her defense team accused law enforcement of not only sloppy work but a fraud and of lying and now they're going all out to protect her. >> there you go. jane velez-mitchell it, always interesting and outspoken. jane, did you a great job this week. thank you for your coverage. we look forward to seeing you. catch jane every night 7:00 eastern on hln. it's called "issues with jane velez-mitchell." britain's most famous newlyweds invade the u.s. prince william and catherine are on a whirlwind tour of california coming up next. plus eyebrows are raised over this image. a black man giving away scholarships to whites only? e be to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites...
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>> this is one of our breaking news stories tonight. same region devastated by the massive earthquake that struck japan last march is under a tsunami warning. that comes after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck offshore just about 90 minutes ago. the tremor could be felt as far away as tokyo. ivan cabrera joins me now with more on the aftershock. ivan, what do you know? >> i like we have had no news as far as a tsunami arriving. it would have by now if this
10:32 pm
thing had reached shore. it happened essentially 131 miles east. here's the earthquake here. here's the fukushima nuclear power plant which is obviously what we're worried about here. if a tsunami had been generated by the earthquake, it would have arrived already. we have not had any word from the japan meteorological association that has happened. i'm liking that. it was a strong earthquake. it was felt. we had buildings shaking and it is an automatic thing they do in japan as a result of the magnitude of the quake, it's a 7.0 and shallow, but they do automatically trigger a tsunami advisory. there are different advisories along the coast. you can have essentially just like a tornado watch versus a warning. this was an advisory, not a warning. we never expect this had to be a major threat along the japanese coast here, but it is a strong earthquake. that's why they issued the tsunami alert. i think at this point, we're going to be in good shape. this has happened before since that disastrous 9.0, we have had strong earthquakes that triggered the tsunami advisories, but essentially nothing has happened here. and we're hoping, don, that's going to be the case this time around. if that changes, of course, we will let you know.
10:33 pm
>> ivan, thank you very much. royal ti in the room tonight in los angeles. the duke and duchess of cambridge, otherwise known as will and kate take hollywood by storm. we are live next. followed by 1 7 delicious entrees and finish with something sweet all for just $15. right now at red lobster. all for just $15. [ bedistracted driving. ♪ [ disco ] it accounts for 25% of car crashes. and it's why the best agents help safe drivers get a lower rate. - exactly. - oh! [ announcer ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ our girl's an architect. our boy's a genius. we are awesome parents! biddly-boop. [ male announcer ] if you find a lower rate on a room you've booked, we won't just match it. we'll give you $50 towards your next trip. [ gnome ] it's go time.
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the royal newlyweds are going hollywood tonight, rubbing
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elbows with a-list actors and paying tribute to up and coming british talent. it should be the other way around. before business today was about pleasure. prince william played polo in santa barbara. our royal correspondent max foster joins from us los angeles with more on their visit. i like that title, royal correspondent. that's a nice gig. they're on their way to you right now. >> yeah. yeah, they're getting changed on their way here. this is the big reveal as far as the photographers are concerned. this is the only night during the whole tour we're going to see catherine in full evening dress and jewelry, we're told. everyone is very excited. few stars have turned up. tom hanks, j. lo didn't stop by to talk to anyone, jennifer garner, a lot of british up and coming stars. introducing those big a-listers to the young british stars. everybody excited. a lot of people didn't know the why they were invited in the first place. they're excited about meeting the duke and duchess. i'm not sure they will meet
10:37 pm
them, but they will be mingling with them, don. >> what did they do earlier? >> well, earlier, there's a big polo match for charity. it's for william and harry's charity and there was a great polo match by all accounts. everyone was playing hard and tough because the american sport is a bit tougher than the more gentlemanly versi gentlemanly british version. but william won in the end and he presented a trophy by his wife and then there was a kiss. so everyone very excited about that. today was all about glamour, glitz and tonight's the night as far as that's concerned. tomorrow a bit more british. they're going to skid row to meet some homeless young people, don. >> this is almost like a pr tour so to speak. it's like an ambassador tour. has it been successful though thus far? >> well, yeah, i was speaking to nigel lythgoe who organize this had event. it was his idea to have an event where you promote young brits in hollywood. he says it's been successful.
10:38 pm
yesterday, there was a new media event doing the same sort of thing. it seems to be very successful in california. there is a bit of concern about public access because in canada, there was lots of hand shakes with people and the crowds were up close. whereas here they're being kept at a firm distance. and a bit of concern they're not meeting the royals. but i guess it's just a different setup organized by the british government this trip opposed to the canadian government over in canada. >> thank you, max foster. our royal correspondent, we appreciate it. so, just when you think of the art world maybe you think of the hip scenes in new york or maybe in london. the galler ris and the artists in the latest fashions, and peas for their walls? well, thornton dial is about as far as you can get from that, and this is his story.
10:39 pm
>> to the casual observer, it's just art. to the critical eye as shown in this alabama television documentary, thornton dial's work, brilliant art. >> and it asks all of us about genius, you know, and where does it reside. >> with no formal education, he can't even read, the 82-year-old began creating as a dirt poor child in the south whose family couldn't afford toys. making his own out of cans and string. he worked as a steelworker, carpenter, and brick layer. then started a family business making painted steel furniture. that gave him more time to create art. and then at the ripe age of 60, he was discovered by art collector bill arnett, a skyrocket ride to fame and wealth and controversy. >> it would not be a controversial thing to say that there has been racism in the art world. >> they wouldn't even look at a work by say thornton dial and consider it art.
10:40 pm
>> and in 1993, "60 minutes" profiled dial in a story that insinuated that bill arnett had been exploiting dial. both men took great offense. >> he made me what i am and i really appreciate him for what he did for me. >> dial has some trouble walking these days after a stroke, but he's on the rise again. more popular than ever, more prolific than ever. finally landing a series of shows at major galleries and museums around the country. some of his work has sold for tens of thousands of dollars. i had a chance of a lifetime to sit down with thornton dial, and my in depth conversation with him next. [ female announcer ] now at red lobster a complete four course seafood feast for $15. start with soup then have salad and biscuits followed by 1 of 7 delicious entrees and finish with something sweet all for just $15.
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before the break, we brought you the story of thornton dial, an artist who transcends racial barriers, his own lack of formal education and the occasional snobbery of the art world and the many of the rules with his unique compositions. >> you didn't go to school, did you? >> no. >> did you learn to read and write? >> no, none of that. >> no. >> but you know how to be an artist. how did you start, as a kid? >> yeah. started as i was a kid and playing with stuff. yeah. >> like what? tell me. >> well, you take right now, i used to play with a whole lot of cans and things and a lot of things i used to play with. >> this is your favorite. >> right. >> this is tuscaloosa.
10:44 pm
>> tuscaloosa just happened. >> i was looking at that storm when it was going down through there. it's there for you to see what the lord have did. >> did you realize when you were putting all this stuff together that it was art or were you just messing around? >> well, you just satisfy yourself. you know, you're doing things to sats yourself and i didn't hold up, you have to make another one. >> what did you call it before art? >> i didn't call it nothing. >> because you didn't go to school for art. >> right, right. >> do you understand that some people say things about that, they may be jealous? >> well, i feel that way, too. i feel the same way you speaking that way. because some people are jealous of that kind of stuff. but you can't be jealous of what god got for you. you know? how? because that's your mind. >> and your talent. >> huh. >> and your talent. >> oh, yeah, yeah. that's it.
10:45 pm
that's the coal mine right there. >> jesus christ in the coal mine. >> yes, yes. >> tell me about jesus christ in the coal mine. >> well, he everywhere. you think after you go down in the mine, you're depending on the lord. and that's jesus christ. you can't depend on nobody else. who are you going to depend on? >> when people call you folk art and try to put you in a category. >> right. >> there are some people in the art world say that's racist. it's art. what do you think? >> i think it's art too because actually, i think all art is art. >> it seems to me that you don't let any of it bother you. >> nothing. nothing, and never have. >> not even the controversies? >> no. >> not even when people write about you or say about you. >> well, feel good about it. you know, you have to feel good of something. >> i'm just wondering if you
10:46 pm
look at this stuff and go, all this for me? >> yeah, i think about it. i think about all of that, too, because it is amazing. it's amazing to see stuff that you have did and people have came and looked at it. >> thornton dial, so glad he opened up to me. thank you so much, sir. by the way, the exhibit is running now through august 27th at the bellow gallery right here in atlanta, georgia. great stuff. coming up next an entirely different perspective on affirmative action. should a black man hand out scholarships reserved for whites only? that controversial discussion right after the break. but first this, on the day after christmas in jap2004, a tsunamit nine asian countries killing more than 225,000 people. millions of lives were forever
10:47 pm
changed but this week's cnn hero turned her personal loss into renewed hope and healing for children and families in need. >> my father called me and told me that something bad had happened in thailand. my dagters eleanor and josephine went to thailand for vacation with my ex-husband. it was hard to get information in sweden. we decided to go to thailand ourselves and look for them. when i realized i wouldn't bring them back home alive, i wanted to die. but the thai people that had suffered so much more, i felt a connection to them and i wanted to give something back. my name is susan nejanzen. i moved to thailand because i wanted to help poor thai children to make the most out of their lives. we are not an orphanage. it's a home for children and families in need. we want to provide these
10:48 pm
children with a chance to make some changes in their live. love is the first thing they need, second is food and love and education. we want to be as close to a normal family as possible. of course, we are a very big family. when something is good, we are happy together. if something bad happens, we cry together. that's the most important if you work with children, not so much head but a lot of heart. my daughters loved their life. and i want to show them that i would survive this and if i could help my new children to love their life at least one good thing came out of this. >> remember, cnn heroes are chosen from people you tell us about. to nominate someone making a big difference in your community, go to cnn -having her is amazing. -we made a miracle. and we got onesies! sometimes miracles get messy. so we use tide free. no perfumes or dyes for her delicate skin. brad. not it. not it. just kidding. that's our tide. what's yours? i grew up wearing lots of hand-me-downs. bell bottoms in the '80s? not pretty.
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some could say these photos show scenes that turn civil rights on its head. these winners have just received scholarships for white men only and a black man is part of the group giving the money out. his name is marcus carter. he is the vice president of the former majority association for equality. he and the group's president colby bonahan spoke to me about their whites-only grants, and
10:52 pm
carter acknowledged he's received criticism. >> the overall feedback has been positive, say 80/20, positive being the 80 and 20 being the negative. >> i'm sure you've been called names and heard the ung tom name -- uncle tom name and all that? >> absolutely. >> that's probably being kind. >> yeah. well, i mean, it's kind of all the same when you're insulted. i don't put insult in a bag with different ones. it's all the same to me. but it really gets at me when knowing our people or my people african-americans in general, you know, know what it's like to be singled out and persecuted for 400 years or however many years it is. we know how detrimental it is, you know, to go through something like that and knowing this is happening to a different subset, you know, you would think we would get the idea, you know, how nonprogressive this could be. >> there are plenty of scholarships for african-americans and plenty for mexicans or hispanics, i'm sorry. there's plenty of scholarships for asian-americans.
10:53 pm
it's really helping everybody at the same time, because we all need help. >> i did not ask marcus to help me on this project for any reason other than i wanted this project to succeed. people love to think we're trying to say more than let's help out caucasian families trying to send their sons to school. we have nothing to do with harkening back to some past era where whites enjoyed more power. >> he told me one winner refused to accept the money. the group's website says an applicant must be 25% caucasian to qualify. a concert by one of the biggest names in music comes to a quick end when a fire breaks out. that and more, the hour's he headlines, straight ahead. they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left !
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>> let's get you caught up on the headlines. japan appears to have dodged a bullet after a massive aftershock struck offshore. the magnitude 7.0 tremor rattled the same area devastated last march by a deadly quake and tsunami. there were no reports of damage or casualties after the quake, and no immediate problems were noted at a nearby nuclear plant.
10:57 pm
also, breaking news tonight. talks to reach a more ambitious deficit reduction deal ran into problems in washington. house speaker john boehner says the white house continues to push for tax hikes despite the republicans' refusal to accept them. still an official meeting among congressional party leaders and the president is still scheduled for sunday. boehner says those talks will deal with a less bold plan than what the obama administration had wanted. one of the poorest place on earth is now a free and independent nation. south sudan emerged today as the world's newest country and it successfully broke off from the rest of sudan following decades of civil war that only ended in 2005. the new defense secretary says that victory over al qaeda is within reach. leon panetta touched down in kabul, afghanistan, and he says that the terrorist group is on the run after the killing of its
10:58 pm
leader osama bin laden. he is in afghanistan for talks with hamid karzai ahead of turning over control of areas of afghanistan. reporters at britain's "news of the world" have file their last stories and sunday's issue of the tabloid will be the last one. owner ruppert murdoch ordered the paper shut down. the tabloid became toxic when it was revealed reporters may have hacked the voice mail boxes of thousands of people while chasing stories. casey anthony will be free a week from sunday, but there are further signs her relationship with her mother may be fractured. a florida correctional official says casey refused to let her mother visit her in the orange county jail friday night. anthony who was acquitted of murdering her little girl was sentenced to four years for lying to police but given credit for time served. betty ford, one of the most beloved first ladies has died of natural causes. two services have been scheduled, tuesday in california and thursday in michigan. some of the speakers are
10:59 pm
expected to give eulogies are rosalyn carter and cokie roberts. ford was married to former president gerald ford for nearly 60 years. she was 93 years old. just hours from now, the shuttle "atlantis" will dock with the international space station for the very last time. astronauts checked the orbiter for any signs of damage. this mission marks the the end of the nasa's long-time shuttle program. singer rihanna said it herself on twitter. she set the stage on fire in dallas, and one of our i-reporters was there to catch it on camera. you can see the top of the is taken in flames at the american airline centers. many fans got out of there quick and re
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